With Transact Integrated Payments you or an authorized user can make payments by electronic check (e-Check), VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or Diners Club. The e-Check option is entirely free, while the SmartPay credit/debit card option adds a 2.9% convenience fee to each payment (this fee is paid directly to Transact Integrated Payments , not to the college). 

To learn more about Transact Integrated Payments , read the Transact Integrated Payments FAQs below.

Current Students:   

Sign into Campusweb, click the student tab, then click My Account Balance.  The account balance page will have a link for Go to Transact Integrated Payments .

Accepted Future Students:

Sign into Campusweb, click the accepted tab, then click My Account Balance.  The account balance page will have a link for Go to Transact Integrated Payments .
Authorized Users:  

Using the ID and password provided by the student:
click here for online payments

Room and Board Payments

Transact Integrated Payments FAQs

What is Transact Integrated Payments ?  

Transact Integrated Payments allows students to make secure online payments to their account by electronic check, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or Diners Club. A convenience fee of 2.9% will be added to payments made by a credit/debit card. Students can avoid the convenience fee by using an electronic check to have the payment deducted from their checking account.        


How do I login to Transact Integrated Payments ?

Student access Transact Integrated Payments through the Campusweb My Account Balance page located under the Student tab.  Authorized users use the payment link at   


Can I use my debit card in Transact Integrated Payments ?

Yes, but Transact Integrated Payments will treat it like a credit card and the 2.9% convenience fee will be added to the amount paid. The better option would be to use e-Check. You do not need your debit card to use e-Check; you only need your bank routing number and account number. (See “What is an electronic check?” below.)


Why is a convenience fee charged for credit card payments?

The college does not keep any part of the convenience fee of 2.9%. The fee is paid to Transact Integrated Payments , which forwards the majority of the fee to the credit card companies and keeps a small amount to cover its costs. All credit card transactions involve fees. Up to now, the college has absorbed the entire cost of those fees. By passing on the convenience fee, the amount that C of O was paying in fees will now be used to pay for Transact Integrated Payments .   


Can I use a credit card at the Cash Accounts Office window or over the phone?

No. Credit cards are not accepted at the window or over the phone. Credit card payments can only be made in Transact Integrated Payments. You can still use your credit card at the Bookstore. 


What is an electronic check (also known as ACH)?

An electronic check (e-Check or ACH transfer) is similar to writing a check. In My Account Balances in Campusweb, choose the e-Check Payment option, choose the payments you want to make, then follow the Checkout instructions. You will need your bank account number and routing transit number (located at the bottom of your check), and this information can be saved for future use if you choose. If you do not save your account and routing number, you must re-enter it each time you make an e-Check payment. This option is entirely free to students and authorized users. (A link is provided during Checkout to provide help in determining your routing number and account number.)


Who can I authorize to make payments on my account?

Anyone you choose. In Transact Integrated Payments , just set up a User ID and password for them and provide that information to them. This is set up in the E-Check option, but can be used to make E-check or credit card payment.  Once that person has logged into Transact Integrated Payments, he/she can change the password. This authorization gives access only to payment information; it does not allow access to any other student information. The authorization will remain in force until de-activated by the student. 


Where do authorized users login to Transact Integrated Payments ?

A link for authorized users is available at


I don’t like making payments online. Can I still pay at the Cash Accounts Office?

Yes. The Cash Accounts Office will still accept payments by cash or check only. 


What if I have trouble with my Transact Integrated Payments transaction?

Please contact the Cash Accounts Office at extension (417) 690-2501.


How do I know my information in Transact Integrated Payments is secure?

Transact Integrated Payments complies with all applicable federal, state, and banking regulations and is secured through VeriSign. It is compliant with both FERPA and Gramm-Leach-Bliley requirements. However, students should still use caution and follow these guidelines when using Campusweb and Transact Integrated Payments :


  • Set up a separate user ID and password for parents or other authorized users;
  • Authorized users should login only with their own user ID and password and should not use the student’s ID and password;
  • Do not share your user ID or password with anyone else;
  • Do not leave your user ID or password where others can see it;
  • Do not leave your computer logged into Transact Integrated Payments or Campusweb when you are not using it;
  • Do not allow anyone to watch you log into or use Campusweb or Transact Integrated Payments .